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Why See Us?

   This is a sad time in medicine. Some physicians are paid by insurance companies not to perform necessary medical test to allow insurers to save money at your expense. The physicians share in the profits with the insurance company and the patients have no idea that their evaluation has been compromised. So, we have entered an era where you physician may not be your advocate as he was in the past. So, how do you know whether your physicians medical decisions are in your interest or in the doctors financial interest. You would think they would have to tell you this but they do not.

     At The Allergy & Arthritis Treatment Centers, LLC, we do things the old fashion way. Our principals and medical decision are based on what we would be doing for our own family members. As a patient of ours, you become a family member, too. If you need a particular treatment, we work for you to work with your insurance company to obtain prior approval for your care. If the insurance refuses, we may have to engage battle with them to do the right think. We regularly see patients in the hospital and work in the office, too. Does your doctor do that? Most doctors no longer go into the hospital. So, when you thought, all along that if you developed an allergic reaction or if you were admitted for a flare of lupus or fibromyalgia, of course your Allergist or Rheumatologist would be there. Even though your Allergist or Rheumatologist is listed on staff at your local hospital, this does not mean that he will visit you during your hospitalization. However, our providers will and do every day. So, who would you rather see? An Allergist or Rheumatologist who says see me after you are discharged from the hospital, or one who says he will be involved in your care when you are there.

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